Library using the LDG system and the PolarSSL library.
Brings SSL/TLS layer to clients applications using MiNTnet and STinG/STiK TCP layers.
Used by :
Troll, usenet and email client.
Meg, mailbox checker and spam eraser.
Litchi, ftp client.
Another programs can use it, please read the how-to and functions calls in the st-guide documentation.

Here are listed versions for 68K, 68020-060 and ColdFire V4e using cross-compilation and the mintlib. Latest LDG.PRG is provided to install TSR ldg functions and the ‘LDGM’ cookie needed for my applications.

Archives Size Date Notes
English 68K 020-060 CFv4e 451.4 KB 04-16-2016 release 7
C and GFA Sources 58.6 KB download also PolarSSL 1.3.16
HYP guide 7.0 KB how-to use this LDG

Older versions are kept in the archives.

7 thoughts on “Polarssl.ldg”

  1. News in the release 7:

    • built on PolarSSL version 1.3.16
    • updated Polarssl.ca (from Mozilla’s cacert.pem 01-20-2016)
    • this version may solve constant alert for gmail imap certificate
  2. News in the release 5:

    • built on PolarSSL version 1.3.12
    • add: ‘MagX’ + ‘SCKM’ cookies in TCP type auto-detection, if found, MiNTnet API is used.
  3. News in the release 4:

    • built on PolarSSL version 1.3.10
    • fix: latest LDG.PRG by Olivier LANDEMARRE which corrects a crash under MagiC 6
  4. News in the release 3:

    • built on PolarSSL version 1.3.9
    • chg: remove built-in ciphersuites for GMX servers (in the misc option, security panel, use thndrbrd.cs as preferred ciphersuites files, and max=TLS 1.0)
    • add: CS Builder in the archives
    • fix: in CS Builder: crash when window arrows are clicked (missing mallocs)
  5. News in the release 2:

    • built on PolarSSL version 1.3.8
    • fix: SSL handshake problem with GMX servers (automaticaly discard ciphersuites where DHE_RSA are used).
    • add: SSL/TLS support for internet clients softwares using STinG/STiK.
    • new: set_aes_global(), ldg_ssl_set_ciphersuite(), force_tcp_layer()
    • chg: parameter added in ldg_entropy_free()
    • fix: stack 128K instead of 64K

    Thanks to MiKRO / Mystic Bytes

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