fVDI Snap

Another snapshot accessory. Originaly developped for fVDI on Falcon+Eclipse and ATI RageIIc. Seems to work on other Atari systems and configurations, including the FireBee. Uses M&E IMG, GIF and TGA modules in GFA inlines.

Archives Size Version Date
English 68K CFv4e 19.4 KB 1.1C 09-27-2014
Français GFA Source 13.2 Ko 27/09/2014

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  1. Changes in the 1.1C version:

    • fix: for monochrome capture, wrong method
      (big TGA and slow v_get_pixel, instead of vro_cpyfm and IMG)
  2. News in the 1.1B version:

    • fix: works now as ACC on MagiC and monoTOS
      (thanks to a fix in Lonny Pursell’s Library).
    • add: wrong CPU alert (FATAL test).
    • chg: ERR=8 test for available memory at start.
  3. News in the 1.1 version:

    • add: method using v_get_pixel() for pixels packed “chunky” video modes such as the 256 colors one on the FireBee. Perhaps it’s working for the 256c of the ATI RageIIc. This method is slow and generates a TGA image instead of GIF, but it seems to work OK.
    • add: IMG module for save monochrome screenmode on the FireBee.

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