fVDI Snap

Another snapshot accessory. Originaly developped for fVDI on Falcon+Eclipse and ATI RageIIc. Seems to work on other Atari systems and configurations, including the FireBee. Uses M&E IMG, GIF and TGA modules in GFA inlines.

Archives Size Version Date
English 68K CFv4e 19.4 KB 1.1C 09-27-2014
Français GFA Source 13.2 Ko 27/09/2014

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  1. Changes in the 1.1C version:

    • fix: for monochrome capture, wrong method
      (big TGA and slow v_get_pixel, instead of vro_cpyfm and IMG)
  2. News in the 1.1B version:

    • fix: works now as ACC on MagiC and monoTOS
      (thanks to a fix in Lonny Pursell’s Library).
    • add: wrong CPU alert (FATAL test).
    • chg: ERR=8 test for available memory at start.
  3. News in the 1.1 version:

    • add: method using v_get_pixel() for pixels packed « chunky » video modes such as the 256 colors one on the FireBee. Perhaps it’s working for the 256c of the ATI RageIIc. This method is slow and generates a TGA image instead of GIF, but it seems to work OK.
    • add: IMG module for save monochrome screenmode on the FireBee.

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