Silence is my herald

I notice that old versions of my softwares are still listed here without my agreement :
also (and maybe some more elsewhere)

This is not right. These softwares do not belong to the demoscene realm. I never participate to a demo competition of any kind in a demo party. If these archives may have been distributed on a diskmag without my consent, I consent now, but I don’t agree to let these old versions listed like that on these websites. Moreover, this list is incomplete and inaccurate: I have released newer versions and much more over things. All out the demoscene domain.

I am tired to ask the admins/modos to remove these entries from the pouet and demozoo databases. By the way, my account at demozoo is still disabled to prevent to delete the datas myself (which is my right). My request of removals to the moderators is never granted.

Since shouting my anger and asking again and again to stubborn people is useless, the only reasonable path of protest is silence. I will continue to code, work on my projects, upgrade and fix, but for my own self only. From now, I will not release anything, no new program, no upgrade, not even a fix.

Since I do not have to interact to any Atari people for code/dev/advise. I also won’t answer to email or message from this realm.

Thus, farewell.