B+ Project

See snapshots est un port-réécriture en GEM et GFA de la version remasterisée Amiga. Nécessite un mode vidéo au minimum de 640*480 px et 256 couleurs.
Sur machine rapide de préférence.

is a GEM and GFA port of the revamped Amiga version. Work-In-Progress.
Since 640*480*256c screenmode. NVDI and quick machine strongly advised.

Archive Size Version Date
English Game 68K CFv4e 3.5 MB W.I.P. 05-21-2022
  GFA Sources 176 KB

Older versions are kept in the repository.

Some videos can be found on my youtube account to see the work-in-progress.

2 réflexions sur « B+ Project »

  1. Second w.i.p. archive:

    • fix: on loading screen, title image shown earlier, loaded before cache.
    • add: joystick and keyboard controls.
    • add: all fighters sprites (6 human males, 2 human females, 2 lizards, 6 opponents).
    • add: all fighters moves (atack, defense, death, specials)
  2. First w.i.p. release:

    • add: title and credits screen, introduction sequence, levels with their animations
    • chg: fork from the X2 Project

    Thanks to _Dbug_ for his scanned map

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