fVDI files

See snapshot– fVDI Configurator generates the FVDI.SYS file with a GEM interface, ST-Guide documentation and BubbleGEM help.
– fVDI Commander replaces the fvdiacc.acc of the official release. This accessory controls fVDI, advised for Eclipse/RageIIc users.
– fVDI Snap generates screen snapshots (works in all ST and Falcon modes, and in TC16 RageIIc mode, still in developpment).
– Rage Screen Saver (RageCalm) is an accessory or an application, provided for ATI Mach64 family video card (especially the Eclipse/ATI RageIIc).
The display of the card is set off after a period of inativity, so the monitor puts itself in sleep mode.
Here the files I used on my Falcon with the Eclipse and ATI RageIIc.

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Archive Size Version Date
English fvdiconf.zip 94131 bytes for fVDI 0.959 May 8th 2008
fvdicmd.zip 44881 bytes 1.0B
ragecalm.zip 46631 bytes 1.1B
fVDI Snap 20.0 KB 1.1 August 2013

Except fVDI Snap, these programs are not compatible with ColdFire.

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