Manga Puzzle

See snapshotManga Puzzle is an albumware based on a ‘taquin’ game, as we call it in France. This game is a GEM conversion of an STE game written by Paradize group.
The program should run on every Atari, but needs a modern VDI, and 256 colors for the image set provided with the program. Customization is possible via an util provided in the archive, you must have the PARX.SYS modules to load GIF or PIx images. 2, 16 or 256 colors are permited.

Archives Size Version Date Notes
Français 68K CFv4e 909.8 Ko 1.2E 28/03/2015
English 68K CFv4e 909.3 KB 03-28-2015
Deutsch 68K CFv4e 910.3 KB 28.03.2015 Translated by Lars SCHMIDBAUER
Français GFA Sources 48.9 Ko 28/03/2015
Yaoi set 622.9 KB Images set for girlies and gayz

5 réflexions sur « Manga Puzzle »

  1. Changes in the 1.2E version:

    • fix: RAM allocations were done in ST-RAM instead in TT-RAM.
    • fix: test for correct CPU 68K or Coldfire.
  2. Changes in the 1.2D version:

    • fix: possible crash at start when reading the preferences file.
    • fix: cookie detection uses Ssystem() if available.
    • fix: mouse cursor is masked/displayed with AES instead of VDI.
  3. Changes in the 1.2C version:

    • fix: conversion of 256c images for TC32 screenmode.
    • fix: used sounds evenif not allowed (sound locked by another application).
  4. Changes in this 1.2B version:

    • fix: display in iconified window under MyAES.
    • fix: cosmetic change in ressource for XaAES.
  5. New in this 1.2 version:

    • Compiled with Lonny Pursell’s GFA Library, with Classic 68000 and ColdFire V4e targets.
    • Rewrite of load and save preferences file.
    • Long application name for taskbars.
    • Music is disabled if ColdFire found (SNDH routines are not suited and YM is not yet present on the FireBee).
    • Desk background is not proposed by default in TC16 and TC32 modes.

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