Lynx C DevKit for Atari ST

This package/suite is a ST conversion of the newcc65 files: a C compiler and utilities for games and demo development on the Atari Lynx. Recompilation was made on the gcc cross-compiler 68K under MacOSX environment (thanks to Philippe Donzé) and now some with PureC or simply rewrote with GFA Basic.

If you want more info on Lynx development:
– Le forum Lynx de Yaronet.
– on AtariAge (with Handy emulator and forums).
– Bastian Schick, Matthias Domin and Bjoern Spruck.
– LynxWeb.

Archive Size Version Date Notes
English 68K 455091 bytes 0.2.0 05-15-2006 Xcode, bash, PureC and GFA Basic
Sources 748404 bytes

Not compatible with the ColdFire.