See snapshotApplicatif de suivi de comptes bancaires : gestion des montants en double monnaie (au choix), colorisation des mouvements et affectations, les écritures automatiques, filtres, impressions, export, archivage.

Bank accounts manager, which allows double currency display, colorizations, automatic transactions, printing, export, filtering, archiving…

Needs the Deflate.ldg to archive its datas into a PKZIP file.

Archives Size Version Date Notes
Français 68K CFv4e 138 Ko 1.2I 06/05/2024
English 68K CFv4e 136 KB 05-06-2024 Translated by Derryck CROKER
Français GFA Source 137 Ko 06/05/2024

Older versions are kept in the repository.

9 réflexions sur « Crésus »

  1. Change in the 1.2I version:

    • fix: missing array index when allocating large block of memory.
  2. Changes in the 1.2H version:

    • fix: total amounts were not updated at start if automatic operations were written at start.
    • add: manual reorder items in the automatic jobs list.
    • fix: automatic selection on new automatic job.
    • fix: some buttons reshaped.
    • fix: validate/save from every window.
    • add: operations action pop-up opened near mouse cursor if right click.
    • fix: total amounts in second currency are not displayed in operations list toolbar if display option masks the second currency column.
    • fix: operation details were not updated if operations are (un)checked via the pop-up on the operations list.
    • fix: while loading operations list, amounts in second currency are calculated to fix sums errors.
  3. Changes in the 1.2G version:

    • fix: Control+Numeric Pad triggered some actions such as program Quit.
    • fix: Shows Free TT-RAM+ST-RAM in info window instead of ST-RAM.
    • fix: amount in account, in operations table were not redrawn sometimes.
    • fix: errors if CRESUS.RSC not found.
  4. Changes in the 1.2F version:

    • fix: in operation table, ‘?’ button moved inside ‘~’ pop-up as ‘Modify’.
    • fix: if an operation (or more) is selected, then Control+I opens the modification window. If not, still the program informations.
  5. Changes in the 1.2E version:

    • fix: possible crash at start, when reading the preferences file.
    • fix: hide/show the mouse cursor with AES functions instead of VDI.
  6. Changes in the 1.2D version:

    • fix: uses preferentialy Ssystem to look into the cookie jar.
    • chg: DEFLATE.LDG is moved out of the archive, please fetch this library from its own release.
  7. Changes in the 1.2C version:

    • fix: display in iconified window under MyAES.
    • fix: Return key works in date+time setting dialog.
    • fix: cosmetic changes in the ressource for XaAES.
  8. Changes in the 1.2B version:

    • add: support for the new deflate.ldg.
    • fix: modifications in the RSC for XaAES.
  9. News in the 1.2 version:

    • compiled with Lonny Pursell’s GFA Library, with Classic 68000 and ColdFire V4e targets.
    • windows arrows components works now under XaAES.
    • rewrite of load file functions for the preferences file and clipboard TXT file.
    • smarter application name for taskbars.

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