VDI Effects

Graphic effects coded for pure VDI. You can alter these effects by changing the values in VDI_FX.INF text file or modifying the GFA code using GBE.

Star Field, Matrix, Landscape, Fire, Circles, Fractals, Vectors balls, Poink, Souvenir of the Beast, All Glory… Snowflake, The Girl with a Pearl Earring

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English 68K CFv4e 571 KB 1.3 06-11-2024
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  1. News in the 1.3 version:

    • mod: GFA source code revamped, using latest GBE instructions for clearer/smarter and slightly quicker VDI calls. LST format is provided for human readability. If you use old official GFA Basic, then use the previous archives.
    • fix: graphics and opcodes for raster blitting are modified to use vdi index 0 for transparent and index 1 for mask. Graphics have been produced with P2SM and its tools MAKE_DGX/DGI.
    • fix: missing DIM for boolean values in the INF file.
    • fix in ALLGLORY: wrong test of _SND (wrong bit 1, right bit 5) for XBIOS Falcon sound.
    • add in SOTB: trees, masonry, airships and Aarbron.
    • mod in SOTB: the screen bounces left<>right direction, from the forest to the castle.

    Thanks Lonny Pursell for his advises

  2. News in the 1.2 version:

    • fix: use graf_mkstate() (mouse click, Ctrl, Alt) to quit. Bconstat on XaAES/V4SA was not enough responsive to quit with keypress.
    • add: 2 new effects: SNOWFLK and PEARL.
    • add: BUSYBEE and FUJILOGO objets in VECTORS.
    • add: some effects have 400x400px clipping or zoom x2 modes.
  3. News in the 1.1 version:

    • new effect named « All Glory », which needs at least 256 colors. DMA part of the sound system is strongly advised.
    • if nothing appears in TC mode, then change the value SOTB_TRUE_COLOR_FOR_ECLIPSE in the VDI_FX.INF file.
  4. Changes:

    • fix: possible crash at start when reading the vdi_fx.inf file.
    • fix: cookie detection uses preferentialy the system function.
    • fix: code cleaning, $F% to avoid float type in returned values.

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