See snapshotis a Dungeon Master clone.
The program uses the images of the legendary game. So you must have the original disk of Dungeon Master or Chaos Strikes back for the copyright.
If you’re a DM-addict, go to see the The Dungeon Master Encyclopedia.

Archives Size Version Date Notes
UK All 68K CFv4e 1.9 MB 1.2C 05-26-2018
Fixes 68K CFv4e 147.9 KB If you have already v1.0.
GFA Sources 482.0 KB With its dev-utils.
Français Guides 24.9 Ko 26/05/2018 Traduits par Bibou.
UK DEditor 68K CFv4e 139.9 KB 1.1 12-27-2012 See the snapshot (23 KB).

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  1. Changes in the 1.2C version:

    • fix: workstation format value (interleaved-planes vs pixel packed = chunky) is tested for the cache validation.
    • add: built-in zoom also available for 16 and 256 colors pixels packed screenmodes.
  2. Changes in the 1.2B version:

    • fix: a cache file could be empty if one of the memory block was exactly 24000*nb_plan& bytes. This happened in 16 colors screenmode, some of the raster loaded from the cache were corrupted.
  3. Changes in 1.2 version:

    • chg: image cache is set on by default and configuration is easier.
    • fix: color problem, was not right black around some monsters in TC16 and TC32 screenmodes.
    • add: display option, if « EdDI » cookie available, can use an offscreen VDI handle. In most cases, slows display, but may speed up display animations with some machines such as Milan+NVDI.
    • add: display option, if available (Radeon on PCI or SuperVidel), uses ct60_malloc() to relocate graphics in Video RAM to speed up animations.
    • chg: some cleaning in the preferences panels.
    • fix: test for correct CPU 68K or Coldfire.

    Thanks calimero, shoggoth, lp, Daroou and Arachide.

  4. Changes in the 1.1D version:

    • fix: possible crash at start when reading the preferences file.
    • fix: cookie detection uses Ssystem() if available.
  5. Changes in the 1.1C version:

    • fix: general MU_TIMER delay was not correctly lowered.
    • fix: used sounds evenif not allowed (sound locked by another application).

    Thanks Daroou.

  6. News in this version 1.1B:

    • add: pause mode (Esc key, menu entry or iconification) (thanks JFL).
    • add: can use other maze files in preferences.
    • fix: cosmetic fixes for 3D ressource display under XaAES and MyAES.
    • fix: party sheet window arrows and mouse clicks with XaAES.
    • fix: display in iconified window under MyAES.
    • chg: display cursor with graf_mouse(M_ON/M_OFF) instead of v_hide/show_c.
    • fix: in clear/freeze keyboard buffer function (thanks Daroou).
    • fix: general MU_TIMER delay is lowered by tasks and display delay (thanks Daroou).
  7. News in this version 1.1:

    • compiled with Lonny Pursell’s GFA Library, with Classic 68000 and ColdFire targets.
    • built-in zoom function, available in TC16 and TC32 modes, if the VDI doesn’t propose theses functions.
    • rewrite of load and save (colors, preferences) files functions.
    • console is now separated, and gain some height and title bar (for MyAES and XaAES)
    • GFA code cleaned ($F% heavily used, functions are no more returning float#)

    Known issues:

    • on the FireBee: some drawing problems when mask is used (update your FireTOS or deselect « use dma » in the firetos.cpx)

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