See snapshotMeg est un vérificateur automatique de boîtes aux lettres et un filtre de courriers. Nécessite la couche TCP/IP STinG ou MiNTnet+GlueSTiK. Conseillé pour un environnement multitâche moderne type MagiC ou MiNT et une connexion permanente à Internet. Il est possible de se connecter en mode sécurisé avec la librairie Polarssl.ldg.

Meg is a checker and email filter for your POP3 and IMAP4 mailboxes. Need STiK or MiNTnet+GlueSTiK TCP/IP Layer. This program is based on the study of Kellis’ POPGEM.

The program needs:
Polarssl.ldg to manage secure connections. This library brings SSL/TLS to MiNtnet and STinG TCP layers, and allows Meg to connect with POP3S or POP3 with STLS, IMAPS or IMAP4 with STARTTLS.

Archives Size Version Date
Français 68K CFv4e 232 Ko 1.5D 06/05/2024
English 68K CFv4e 231 KB 05-06-2024
German 68K CFv4e 233 KB 06.05.2024 Translated by Lars SCHMIDBAUER
Polish 68K CFv4e 233 KB 05-06-2024 Translated by Piotr MIETNIOWSKI
English GFA Source 112 KB 09-25-2015

Older versions can be found in the repository.

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  1. Change in the 1.5D version:

    • fix: missing array index when allocating large block of memory.
  2. Changes in the 1.5C version:

    • fix: UTF-8 decoding (letter + 0xCC glyph, ç, Ç).
    • fix: mouse click on choice for mailbox connexion security.
    • fix: test if GEMDOS(0x160 = Fsocket() is available, if not then MiNTnet API is not used directly and need all GlueSTiK Gateway.
    • fix: force MiNTnet usage in PolarSSL if MiNTnet GEMDOS API is used.
    • fix: bad parameter in Fgetsockname().

    -> works now on MagiCNet and older MiNT
    Thanks to Gerhard STOLL

    • Polish version added, translated by Piotr MIETNIOWSKI. Thanks to him.
  3. Changes in the 1.5B version:

    • fix: connexion problems with MiNTnet and MiNT 1.19 (wrong usage of Fselect(1,…)).
    • fix: long waiting at identification with some IMAP servers.
  4. News in the 1.5 version:

    • add: IMAP4 support, with secure connections (IMAPS, IMAP4 with STARTTLS).
    • add: email accounts importation from Troll’s database.
    • add: email account can be disabled from checking.
    • add: confirmation before deleting a mailbox.
    • fix: on secure connection, the preferred cipher suites file was not loaded.
    • fix: on secure connection, the server certificate was not verified (even if this option was enabled).


    • chg: revamped functions and interface.
    • chg: each filter must be related with a mailbox.
    • rmv: filter To+Cc ‘is not for me’.
    • add: filter testing subject or text encoding (clic on editable field opens a pop-up where some encodings are listed).
    • add: filter for file type attachments (only one detected with POP3).
    • chg: filter To+CC has more than N receipients.
    • add: action with each filter, move to Junk, Trash, custom folder is only possible with IMAP4 connection (online folders listing if custom is chosen).
    • add: emails headers and text are decoded (charset and transfer encoding).


    • add: list is sorted by name at program start.


    • add: columns, double-click on the Mailboxes, Friends, Filter lists.
    • chg: log functions from Troll.
    • fix: memory management when redrawing after pop-up display.
    • fix: system bell disturbed display in the Console.
    • rmv: preference for spam deletion (deletion can be set per filter).
    • rmv: preference for fetching N lines (now fixed internally to 128 for POP3).
  5. News in the 1.4D version:

    • add: SSL/TLS support for secure connections over STinG TCP layer, with POLARSSL.LDG since release 2.
    • add: misc > security option, wished ciphersuites can be declared.
    • fix: smoother transfers with STinG (better managment of E_NODATA and E_OBUFFULL messages).
    • fix: stack problem, missing 3rd parameter for tcp_close() (STiK >= 01.20)
    • fix: certificate check is possible only under MagiC or MiNT (loading and parsing POLARSSL.CA uses too many malloc() for old TOS).
    • fix: remove unnecessary $C+ and $C-
  6. News in the 1.4C version:

    • fix: works now as before in ACCessory mode under MagiC and monoTOS (thanks to a fix in Lonny Pursell’s Library).
    • fix: crash under monoTOS < 2.06 at start (G_CICON must not be changed, even its text). Running Meg under old TOS is not advised.
    • add: wrong CPU alert (FATAL test).
    • chg: ERR=8 test for available memory at start.
  7. Changes in 1.4B version:

    • fix: possible crash at start, when reading the preferences file.
    • fix: removed unnecessary MiNTnet calls when opening connection with the server. These calls made the connection opened even if the server was unavailable.
    • fix: crash if POP3 command could be sent because the server has closed the connection (or became unavailable).
  8. New in the 1.4 version:

    • add: SSL/TLS support with the POLARSSL.LDG library. POP3S or POP3 with STLS. Server certificate check (disabled by default)
    • add: in friends table, can import TROLL’s emails addresses.
    • chg: preferences reorganized into panels.
    • chg: reorganized menu, the guide can still be called with the Help key.
    • fix: windows arrowed were not working under XaAES.
    • fix: internal menu wasn’t displayed under MagiC.
    • fix: internal menu titles weren’t deselected sometimes under XaAES.
    • fix: search in cookie jar more respectful to the system.

    Thanks to Lars SCHMIDBAUER

  9. Changes in 1.3D version:

    • fix: log file was filled with bad content.
    • fix: editable fields disabled/enabled in Filters editor window.
    • fix: work-around for MiNT, to launch the mail client in the iconified window, top this window and press space.

    Thanks to Lars SCHMIDBAUER

  10. Changes in the 1.3C version:

    • chg: usage of AES extensions for internal menu (WF_MENU with wind_set()).
    • fix: corrections in RSC file for XaAES.
    • fix: use of AES graf_mouse() instead of VDI for hide/show mouse cursor.
  11. Change in the 1.3B version:

    • fix: display in iconified window under MyAES.
  12. New in the 1.3 version:

    • new: recompiled with Lonny Pursell’s GFA Library, with 68000 and Coldfire targets.
    • new: code cleaning and rewrite of the preferences load function.
    • add: smart name for display in taskbars.
    • add: direct use of MiNTnet TCP/layer (GlueSTiK is still needed but only for the resolver function).
    • add: passwords are masqued for display (uncrypted in the datafile).
    • fix: username field is enlarged (mailboxes datafile is automaticaly converted).

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