Xenon 2: Reloaded

See snapshotsest une réécriture en GFA en hommage à un ancien jeu de tir. Le but est d’y rejouer depuis le bureau GEM, dans les résolutions étendues des dernières machines et émulateurs Atari (FireBee, Falcon+CT60, Aranym, AtariX, etc).
Des niveaux de test sont fournis. Un éditeur de niveaux est fourni à côté pour que les passionnés puissent les construire eux-mêmes.

is a GFA rewrite and a tribute to an old famous excellent shoot’em’up game. The purpose is to play it again on the GEM desk, on the latest and high-end Atari machines or the new emulators (ie FireBee, Falcon+CT60, Aranym, AtariX). Test levels are packed in these archives. A levels editor is provided for fanboys to build their own maps.

Bomb The Bass’ original music is not included nor supported.

Archive Size Version Date
English Game 68K CFv4e 924 KB 2.1C 05-25-2024
  Sources 270 KB
Editor 68K CFv4e 41 KB 2.1 02-23-2019

Some snapshots of the game (credits 1 2 3 4 5) and its level editor (1 2 3 4 5).
Some work-in-progress videos are also available.

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  1. Changes in this 2.1C version:

    • fix: crash under FalconTOS without NVDI, if image blitting exceeds right or bottom border.
    • fix: missing C-String nullbyte-end when loading lonely image (BMPBRTHR.DGI sometimes not loaded).
    • fix: alert for 640×400 screenmode minimum needed (then continue).
    • fix: preferences windows is width reduced for small screensize.
    • fix: highscores window oversized screen under if screenmode < 480px height.
    • fix: added Bconstat(2) to exit on subspace interlevel screen (so you can use space to exist subspace, not effective on V4SA). Previously, exit only with Shift key or joystick fire.
    • add: control option: freeze keyboard buffer (function from DGEM), cleans buffer key. PC keyboard type is removed.
    • chg: use of clean revamped EXIST() instead of old Fopen() trick.
    • fix: add « u: » and convert slashes for $HOME value written in un*x format.
    • fix: clipboard detection was not initialized (for edit fields in preferences).
    • fix: wrong test of _SND (wrong bit 1, right bit 5) for XBIOS Falcon sound.

    Thanks to Eero Tamminen

  2. Changes in this 2.1B version:

    • fix: stop sound of doors when the shop has closed.
    • fix: in shop, joystick moves on merchs was too quick on quick Ataris.
    • fix: default slow_down& set to 2ms instead of 0ms for new Atari machines (_MCH cookie > 0x40000) such as Aranym and V4SA.
    • fix: unlimited phase of untouchable new ship if starting upon boss or scenery.
    • fix: blocked in subspace instead of continue in same level after shopping.
    • fix: uncleared spaces in the subspace text (« GAMEROVER »).
  3. Project completion. Version starts at 2.1

    • add: shop completed: bitmap glasses, advises, Crispin’s hands movements, messages and types in communication window, animated « ? » for ‘too expensive item’, sounds…
    • fix: missing Z letter in comm font’s.
    • fix: smaller extra-ship sprite in the shop.
    • fix: communication window frame not cleaned after second new game.
    • fix: buy button could be triggered even if item selected.
    • fix: synchronize close/open intercomm window with main window.
    • add: stat in log, « O » key -> outputs framerate img/s.
    • add: bomb (double-thingy), similar to big mine, but goes upward.
    • fix: missiles target unset for level 2345 foes. Some foes will be always undetected.
    • fix: endgame: mouse cursor wasn’t shown if hidden for the preferences (Thanks Arachide).
    • fix: new ship appearance: if blocked on map then invulnerability is added and move still permited to exit collision.
    • add: color icon for iconified window (since 256 colors screenmodes).
    • rmv: map jump with J key.
    • add: editor: name+version+author of maps in editor and game credits.
    • add: password for author’s lock in editor.
    • add: online highscores: submit and list maps+hits from my webservice/website.
    • add: miscellaneous preference to slow down display/computation (for too much quick machines such as FalconCT60 or Aranym).
    • opt: GFA RAM Garbage Collection (FRE(0) no more systematic).
    • opt: some IF x!=FALSE -> IF NOT x!, some IF with AND splitted.
    • fix: STEP -1 replaced by DOWNTO in FOR-NEXT.
    • fix: RANDOMIZE 0, RAND() instead of RND*.
    • add: Crispin’s shop (some details not yet implemented).
    • add: in the levels editor: catalog of add-ons to buy in shop.
    • add: extra ship to buy.
    • add: subspace sequence/interlude, with starfield and horizon fonts.
    • add: endgame simple congratulations subspace screen with horizon X2 logo.
    • add: game over subspace screen.
    • add: credits
    • fix: wrong PCI detection, made silent crash on CT60 without PCI and misuse with PCI Radeon card.
    • add: log file in preferences (mainly for debugging at start).
    • opt: discard sprite/mask verifications (use log file if display problem).
    • fix: did not free memory correctly while loading images.
    • fix: amonit boss was sensible to super zapper.
    • fix: ship y-position reset when level is starting.
    • fix: ship is now mobile left/right when life or level is starting.
    • fix: status bar wasn’t displayed after second game session.
    • fix: canon thrower animation.
    • rmv: keys 1 2 3 4 5 for level changes tests.

    Thanks to Strider/MJJ Prod for his tests

    • add: remaining foes: levels 2 3 4 5 mid-boss’ and boss’, level 3 sinus fish.
    • opt: to avoid huge subroutines (GFA compiler problem) and slowliness (numerous GFA select-case), some subroutines are level-splitted.
    • opt: precalc table and computations with integers (instead of floats) for random values.
    • add: scroll events (for stop and backward scrolling).
    • fix: code cleaning.
    • fix: super zapper now effective on levels 2 3 4 5 (except mid-boss and boss).
    • fix: super nashwan power could be permanent.
    • fix: level 3 up/down spore shooter vulnerable smaller area
    • add: if game paused, « (paused) » label on main window.
    • add: for tests, key « J » for screen jump in the level (keys « 1 » « 2 » « 3 » « 4 » « 5 » still active for tests).

    Huge thanks to Lonny Pursell for his help

    • fix: bad RSC object numbers in preferences window.
    • fix: increase initial GFA malloc to $m384000 at launch.
    • fix: the .XYL files were not properly closed, GEMDOS error -35 under monoTOS4 or EmuTOS-only.
    • fix: progress bar for levels maps loading.
    • fix: workstation_format value included in the cache validity test.
    • fix: zoom *2 couldn’t be selected if screen width was exactly 640px.
    • add: built-in zoom for 16c and 256c chunky screenmodes (pixels packed format).
    • fix: l3 tadpole nest and l3 mouth still blocked the way after their death.
  4. Game:

    • add: level 2, 3, 4, 5 with animated scenery and foes except half-boss and boss.
    • add: for tests keys 1 2 3 4 5 of the main keyboard to change level.
    • add: in the preferences, background stars display can be disabled. This speeds up display (2 big screen-sized masks avoided).
    • fix: quicker collision detector map/ship.
    • fix: some cache files could be saved empty if memory block was exactly 24000*planes_nb& (happened with 16 colors screenmode).


    • add: levels 2, 3, 4, 5
    • add: uses the game image cache to quickly load the graphics (if same color screenmode and if the game *.INF is found).
    • add: in sprite selector, infos on sprite id and foe name.
    • add: foes which are link to the scenery are displayed instead of white line trigger.
    • fix: could not edit level (forgot to verify after package-bonus management add, sorry).
    • add: loots descriptions in the ST-Guide documentation.
    • add: (some, Falcon compatible) sounds.
    • fix: SNDH music was not correctly enabled (carefull, still crashy).
    • fix: scenery wasn’t blocking ship if its speed was more than 2.
    • fix: inscrease speed scale of the ship (was too sluggish).
    • fix: squares xywh-coords for shots and foes were not correctly reduced, amonite body square is reduced more.
    • add: amonit arm stops shots except laser.
    • fix: foe’s bullets dies hurting ship.
    • fix: foes were hit even if not yet displayed ontop.
    • fix: whiteness when hit, in 16c and 256c screenmodes.
    • fix: 10ms pause between zapper flashes (Aranym displays too fast).
    • fix: loots moves are now circular.
    • fix: credits bubbles were synchronized when boss dies.
    • del: keys for shield, power-up, speed (for tests).
    • del: super weapons at ship init (for tests).
    • fix: launch less bombs.
    • fix: mature spout head animation.
    • fix: drone moves, following behind the ship, shooting 8 bullets.
    • rem: electro drone is left as it is, defensive and rotating (difference with original game, which is offensive).
    • fix: display preference : disable sizes buttons if zoom is larger than screen width.
    • fix: key management for edit fields nickname+location in preferences window.
    • add: new life animation (with seconds of invulnerability).
    • add: ship and foes damages (collisions and explosions).
    • add: tubeworm hits are converted to iron bullets.
    • add: drone and electro ball stop bullets.
    • add: homers targeted to some movable creatures, if hit homer die with foe.
    • add: shield minimize energy loss, shield looses strength when hurt.
    • add: loots: 50%/100% energy, large/small credit bubbles, Shield mod, Celerity mod, autoFire mod, Power-mod, Side-shot medal, Super Zapper medal, Super Nashwan medal, capsule (containor of loot, can be triggered in the map editor (see snapshot)), weapons add-ons.
    • add: score, energy and lifes displayed in main window.
    • add: score and local highscore displayed in highscores window information bar.
    • add: sndh music routine from Manga Puzzle (not tested). Music is choosen in preferences with fileselector.
    • add: remaining creatures for level 1 (tube worm, mature spout, amonit boss).
    • add: bullets from various creatures.
    • fix: possible crash at game start (peek/poke outside map memory).
    • others unseen fixes.
    • add: Joystick 1 routine by Lonny Pursell.
    • add: Jagpad A routine by Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize (not tested)
    • add: display option: hide mouse cursor while ingame (reappears if pause).
    • add: moves generator util and .xyl files.
    • add: display and animation for some mobiles creatures (with sample moves, but not same as orignals game).
    • add: yellow thin and red fixed corals animation.
    • add: left and right bloom creature.
    • add: ST-Guide documentation.
    • fix: freeze at init, with Falcon CT60 monoTOS (thanks Arachide).
    • fix: memory problems (sizes and indexes) in load/save maps functions.
    • chg: maps uses mxallocated arrays instead of GFA internal DIM.
    • fix: background display under monoTOS.
    • add: graphics of level 1.
    • add: level editor (in .UTL folder).
    • add: display of inanimated items of level map.
    • add: backward scrolling (if ship at bottom screen).
    • add: collision detection between ship and map items.
    • chg: revamped preferences window.
    • fix: background stars differential moves.
    • fix: call of ST-Guide documentation.
    • fix: desk background set at start.
    • add: palette management (for 16c and 256c screenmodes).
    • add: all weapons (blast, double blast, rear blast, sides blasts, canons, homers, lasers, flamers, mines, drones) and shield.
    • keys for tests: arrows, numeric pad (moves), s (shield on/off), p (increase power), shift (fire).

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