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  1. Changes in the 1.3C version:

    • fix: preferences windows is width reduced.
    • fix: add « u: » and convert slashes for $HOME value written in un*x format.
    • chg: use of clean revamped EXIST() instead of old Fopen() trick.
    • fix: code cleaning.
  2. Changes in the 1.3B version:

    • fix: crash when changing nickname and location fields in preferences.

    Thanks to JFL.

  3. Changes in the 1.3 version:

    • fix: under monoTOS and application mode (not ACCessory), the menu is display in classic way, outside the main window, to give enough space for 320*200 screenmode.
    • add: display option, if « EdDI » cookie available, can use an offscreen VDI handle. In most cases, slows display, but may speed up display animations with some machines such as Milan+NVDI.
    • add: display option, if available (Radeon on PCI or SuperVidel), uses ct60_malloc() to relocate graphics in Video RAM to speed up animations.

    Thanks calimero, shoggoth, lp, Daroou and Arachide.

  4. Changes in the 1.2 version:

    • fix: local highscore filename was blank and generated folder corruption if HOME environment variable was empty.
    • fix: options were not saved with ‘Enter’ key press.
    • fix: UTF-8 decoding (0xC2+char, 0xC3+char, letter+0xCC+glyph, ç, Ç).
    • add: option to save or not local highscore.

    Thanks Vido and JFL.

  5. Changes in the 1.1D version:

    • fix: test if GEMDOS(0x160 = Fsocket() is available. If not then MiNTnet API is not used directly and need all GlueSTiK Gateway.
    • fix: bad parameter in Fgetsockname().

    -> online scores works now on MagiCNet and older MiNT.
    Thanks to Gerhard STOLL.

  6. Changes in the 1.1C version:

    • fix: if not MiNT, highscore pathfile was missing a terminal nullbyte.
    • fix: if not NVDI, outscreen redraws were wrongly displayed.
    • fix: animation wrong widths/lengths for redraws, may be quicker now.

    Thanks to Eero Tamminen.

  7. Changes in the 1.1B version:

    • fix: on STinG’s tcp_close() binding, could cause stack problem.
    • fix: location always same on highscores display.
  8. News in the 1.1 version:

    • add: tiles animation.
    • add: online highscores (webservice to send score and retreive list).
    • fix: nickname and location were not saved in the preferences file.
    • fix: game colors were not set if 2048’s window was topped.
    • fix: crash if ST-Guide is called as ACCessory for documentation.
    • fix: do not display ‘2048’ window title when iconified.

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