See snapshotLecteur de forums de discussions (NNTP) et client pour courriers électroniques (POP3, IMAP4, SMTP). Couche TCP/IP STinG ou MiNTnet+GlueSTiK nécessaire. Peut accéder à des messageries sécurisées avec l’aide de Polarssl.ldg.

Usenet newsreader and email client. STinG or MiNTnet+GlueSTiK TCP/IP layer needed.

The program needs:
Polarssl.ldg to manage secure connections. This library brings SSL/TLS to MiNtnet and STinG TCP layers, and allows the Troll to connect with POPS, SMTPS, IMAPS, POP3 with STLS, SMTP with STARTTLS, IMAP4 with STARTTLS, NNTPS, NNTP with STARTTLS.
Deflate.ldg for backup.

Archives Size Version Date Notes
Français 68K CFv4e 228.7 Ko 1.8F 03/08/2019
English 68K CFv4e 224.7 KB 08-03-2019 Translated by Dennis VERMEIRE+
German 68K CFv4e 232.6 KB 03.08.2019 Translated by Lars SCHMIDBAUER
Italian 68K CFv4e 227.8 KB 08-03-2019 Translated by Lodovico ZANIER
Polish 68K CFv4e 229.0 KB 03.08.2019 Translated by Piotr MIETNIOWSKI
English GFA Source 345.7 KB 08-03-2019

Older versions are kept in the repository.

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  1. Changes in the 1.8F version:

    • fix: discard numeric keys when detecting Control keys.
    • fix: errors if TROLL.RSC not found.
    • fix: email date format (missing day of week, hyphens removed).

    Thanks Lars Schmidbauer, Lonny Pursell, Thorsten Otto

  2. Changes in the 1.8E version:

    • add: secure connection for Usenet (NNTP over SSL/TLS, NNTP with STARTTLS)
    • fix: POP3 listing: reverse order option is not applied (too complicated).
    • fix: POP3 filters: could loose email if target local folder didn’t exist.
    • fix: POP3 filters: discard body analysis if transfer encoding is Base64.
    • fix: POP3 retreive: deletion after retreive is discarded if number of retreived messages is less than expected.
    • fix: if server or local box was removed, related messages weren’t deleted.
    • fix: POP3, was not overwriting files for newly received messages.
    • fix: Base64 contents wasn’t decoded if charset is not supported.
    • fix: internal editor, unwanted scroll with Return key at end of text.
    • fix: internal editor, Backspace and Delete keys at end of text.
  3. Changes in the 1.8D version:

    • fix: possible crash if destroying message in Trash or SMTP Sent Box.
    • fix: unselection in Trash was not effective.
    • fix: with POP3 server, if remote message big and available RAM low, did not retreive the message but delete it anyway.
    • add: with POP3 server, remote box, display too big messages for RAM with grey font.
    • fix: wrong display in the internal editor, when backspace pressed from second character of a line.
    • fix: slashes and antislashes removed in filenames built from message-ID (now can show some html mails in the browser).
    • chg: show recipient instead of sender in IMAP Sent and Drafts folders.
    • chg: filter recipient instead of sender in IMAP Sent and Drafts folders.
    • fix: message header deselection when new message is created.
  4. Changes in the 1.8C version:

    • fix: UTF-8 decoding (letter+0xCC+glyph, ç Ç).
    • fix: to avoid crash/freeze with NVDI + some vector fonts + badly encoded chararacters, <32 byte value chars are now discarded in texts display.
    • fix: test if GEMDOS(0x160 = Fsocket() is available, if not then MiNTnet API is not used directly and need all GlueSTiK Gateway.
    • fix: force MiNTnet usage in PolarSSL if MiNTnet GEMDOS API is used.
    • fix: bad parameter in Fgetsockname().

    -> works now on MagiCNet and older MiNT.
    Thanks to Gerhard STOLL

  5. Polish version added, translated by Piotr MIETNIOWSKI. Thanks to him.

  6. New in the 1.8B version:

    • chg: revamped and recoded filters management, with enhanced filter dialog.
    • add: columns in filters table window.
    • add: enable/disable filtering in POP3 and NNTP server. (filters for IMAP4 are not supported, use Meg)
    • add: new filter: search string in body (16 first undecoded lines for POP3, whole decoded message for NNTP).
    • chg: in display options, ‘rejected’ is changed to ‘suspected’.
    • add: for IMAP4, read $Phishing and $Junk flags, if present, the email is considered as ‘suspected’, with choice to display or discard the message.
    • fix: bad redraw of mask cross for suspected messages, replaced by pattern.


    • add: local trashcan.
    • add: dedicated icon for local and remote trashcans.
    • add: in miscellaneous options: can empty local trashcan when leaving.
    • chg: exception with local Outbox: deletion is direct, move is forbidden, but copy to other local Mailbox is granted.

    Message Disposition Notification (MDN, RFC 3798, RFC 3503):

    • add: while editing an email (‘@’ menu) can ask for a return receipt (MDN).
    • add: before reading new email, can choose sending MDN or discard.
    • add: in miscellaneous options: can ignore requests for MDN.

    Context menus:

    • add: on most of the items, pop-up menus with mouse right click. Context depends on mouse above selected item or window.
    • add: « new email » option in awaiting messages window.
    • add: mark all read in local newboxes and local mailboxes.
    • add: mark all read in IMAP folder.
    • add: on links and email addresses, ‘use’ or ‘copy’.
    • add: on attachment or bodypart, ‘open’ or ‘save as…’
    • fix: recoded/cleaned function for redraw after pop-up.

    Headers multiple selection:

    • add: use left or right Shift key and mouse left click, selected headers are gray-listed in the message window.
    • add: dedicated pop-up menu.
    • add: Control+A Key to select all.
    • add: multiple copy or move (but local to local, or in the same IMAP4 account), group delete, mark selection as read.
    • add: can use mouse to drag’n’drop (same as copy/move in the same host).


    • add: local copy of sent message can be copied to other local mailfolder (for treeviews).
    • add: received message can be copied (and moved, like in previous version).
    • add: while editing an email (‘@’ menu), option for maximum priority in email delivering.
    • add: display option: default sort method for Outbox, local Mailboxes, local Trash, and IMAP4 remote folders.
    • add: display option: reverse order for sorting (except for treeviews).
    • chg: display option: treeview or sequential mode choice for newsgroup is moved to each newsgroup properties.
    • add: sorting for local Trash and, if not huge, IMAP4 Trash and Junk folders.
    • chg: in miscellaneous options: reorganized panels.
    • fix: size and lines columns are enlarged.
    • fix: IMAP4 retreive email function could get nothing with very small email.
    • fix: use BODY.PEEK[ instead of BODY[ in IMAP4 to fetch headers.
    • fix: SMTP connexion was done evenif awaiting emails were all drafts.
    • fix: memory free forgotten after paste on edited message.
    • fix: one or several headers remained after delete in an IMAP trash.
    • fix: if vector font for message, links were shift-displayed.
    • fix: if vector font for message, characters strings widths were wrong.
    • add: for message, one can now use none-monospaced font (but monospaced fonts are advised for reading and ASCII art).

    Thanks to Lars SCHMIDBAUER and Lodovico ZANIER

  7. Changes in the 1.7E version:

    • fix: connexion problems when receiving datas with MiNTnet and MiNT 1.19 (wrong usage of Fselect(1,…)).
    • fix: too much delay at identification with some IMAP servers.
    • fix: too much delay at connexion with some SMTP servers.
  8. News in the 1.7D version:

    • add: SSL/TLS support for secure connections over STinG TCP layer, with POLARSSL.LDG since release 2.
    • add: misc > security option, wished ciphersuites can be declared.
    • add: misc > mail option, sent message can be copied or not to the IMAP account (in ‘Sent’ folder).
    • add: if message is text/html only, then a harsh conversion to text/plain is done for the quotation in the reply.
    • fix: smoother transfers with STinG (better managment of E_NODATA and E_OBUFFULL messages).
    • fix: password for the nntp server could not be modified.
    • fix: bad charset detection for UTF-8 and WINDOWS-1252 in messages.
    • fix: stack problem, missing 3rd parameter for tcp_close() (STiK >= 01.20)
    • fix: certificate check is possible only under MagiC or MiNT (loading and parsing POLARSSL.CA uses too many malloc() for old TOS).
    • fix: remove unnecessary $C+ and $C-

    Thanks to Lars SCHMIDBAUER

  9. Changes in 1.7C version:

    • fix: possible crash at start, when reading the preferences file.
    • fix: removed unnecessary MiNTnet calls when opening connection with the server. These calls made the connection opened and crashy even if the server was unavailable.
    • fix: crash if SMTP, IMAP4, NNTP, POP3 or NNTP command could be sent because the server has closed the connection (or became unavailable).
  10. Changes in the 1.7B version:

    • fix: POP3 downloads on secure connection could terminate prematuraly.
    • fix: servers certificates verification is enabled by default only if strong CPU detected (ColdFire or 68060).
  11. News in the 1.7 version:

    SSL/TLS support:

    • add: SSL/TLS support for secure connections, with POLARSSL.LDG library (and LDG.PRG in AUTO folder).
    • for now, only with MiNTNet TCP layer.
    • POP3 with STLS, SMTP with STARTTLS, IMAP4 with STARTTLS.
    • POP3S, SMTPS, IMAPS (direct connection, with SSL/TLS).
    • optional verification of the servers certificates, with POLARSSL.CA (located beside POLARSSL.LDG)
    • choice of the minimal and maximal protocols versions: from SSL 3.0 to TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2. Default is min = max = SSL 3.0.


    • fix: crash if offline mode set when several IMAP connections were opened.
    • fix: sometimes crash at leaving if offline mode was set.
    • fix: cookie detection method preferentialy uses Ssystem().
    • fix: donwloads more reliable (timeout reset if new incoming data, expect exact size for POP3 message).
    • fix: in main window, folders are linked more strictly to servers items.
    • fix: sometimes attachments files were not detected (lack of quotes, pure txt file with « text/plain »).
    • fix: files were added (with drag’n’drop method) but were empty in the attachment part.
    • fix: test and remove final dot in messages to forward (caused SMTP to fail).


    • fix: connection lost if several servers connected (the NOOP command was not sent for all within the 30 seconds).
    • fix: use ‘$Forwarded’ flag (RFC 5788) instead of ‘\Forwarded’.
    • fix: reset connections states when loading datas at start (some servers would not initiate connection because the data said already connected).
    • fix: the special folders (Trash, Junk, Sent…) are placed ontop of the list if they are not children of others folders.
    • fix: redraw problem after deleting (moving to Trash) a message.
    • fix: emptying the Trash was not done.
    • fix: copy to Gmail \Sent folder is disabled ( copy the message itself to \Sent folder).

    Thanks to m0n0, Lars SCHMIDBAUER, Olivier LANDEMARRE.

  12. News in the 1.6B version:

    • chg: size and maxblocks values in memory managment, to support huge mailboxes.
    • fix: in pop-ups, select the correct item if > 20th in the list.
    • fix: create CACHE folder if doesn’t exist or if its path is only in partition root.
    • fix: redraw selected text, when message window isn’t on top.


    • fix: Reply-To Mailing-List enabled if « List-post » header found.
    • fix: can now reply to one, all, mailing-list from a sent email.
    • fix: answering to all recipients could have replied email with blank recipients.


    • add: several tcp-chanels to keep IMAP connection active with SMTP and NNTP (IMAP closed if POP3 on same domain).
    • add: appending sent mails to imap sentbox (if « \Sent » flag found for this mailbox).
    • add: press Control key while selecting an IMAP mailbox forces to fetch all headers (with sort functions enabled).
    • add: folders are sorted (still problems with special characters).
    • fix: set \Answered flag (and \Forwarded flag if possible) to IMAP replied or forwarded message.
    • fix: read IMAP folder names with several features, detecting \Draft \Trash \Sent and \Junk boxes.
    • fix: blank subjects and recipients in headers list (on some servers).
    • fix: in IMAP header filtering, the From and Contents fields didn’t enable the Filter button.
    • fix: detect automaticaly IMAP new messages also in other mailboxes than INBOX.


    • fix: detection of POP3 end responses (for example, deletion was very slow).
    • fix: safer POP3 message deletion (after all is retreived, and from last to start in the list).


    • add: SMTP server setting with true Login field. If Login is not your email addresse, then set with the Identity selector.
    • add: Message-ID field created by Troll and not by server.
    • fix: sent-mails with GMT date and not TOS date.
    • fix: crash before SMTP negociation if local sentbox wasn’t created by the user.
    • fix: remove final dot if attached file is message/rfc822 (*.eml)

    In the internal editor:

    • fix: Drag’n’Drop Atari Protocol functions (ARGS and .TXT datatypes).
    • add: drag’n’drop files from desktop (ARGS) to the edited text to add new attachments.
    • add: drag’n’drop text (.TXT) to the edited text.
    • add: misc options, words wrapping and reformat pasted text.
    • fix: automatic scroll at bottom when typing text or return.
    • fix: change line with left and right arrows.
    • chg: delete block text with keyboard character other than delete.
    • fix: text cursor position lost after block text deselection or delete.
    • fix: block functions.

    Thanks to Lars SCHMIDBAUER, Mathias WITTAU, Lodovico ZANIER, Guillaume TELLO.

  13. News in the 1.6 version:

    • add: IMAP support
      • several IMAP servers, but only one connection.
      • connection is kept alive and new messages are automaticaly detected.
      • 2 authentifications methods available (LOGIN, AUTH=PLAIN).
      • all mailboxes are listed (no subscriptions), displayed with parentage, some names are translated (INBOX, TRASH).
      • can create, rename, delete mailboxes (for child mailbox, select the parent first, then add a distant mailbox).
      • headers list is fetched at mailbox selection. If this list exceeds a limit, then the headers are fetch only if displayed.
      • headers list can be sorted if small, and filtered with criterias. Control+F key to open the filtering formular, Esc to exit it.
      • local message can be imported in the mailbox.
      • distant message can be moved to another IMAP mailbox (same server).
      • cache can be used for messages downloaded from the mailbox.
      • deleted distant message is first moved to Trash mailbox.
      • Empty function to delete all messages in the Trash mailbox.

      NB: Troll filters doesn’t apply yet on IMAP mailboxes (filters managment has to be rewrited).

    • chg: Offline mode is relocated as item in the menu.
    • add: +2 SMTP authentifications methods (AUTH LOGIN, AUTH PLAIN).
    • add: backup for database and messages (to .ZIP file, deflate.ldg needed).
    • add: display option: linked mode for the windows (like in Litchi).
    • add: German date format.
    • add: saving datas before changing WORK folder. (tip: changing WORK folder could be considered as changing profile).
    • add: « —  » line before signature. The user don’t have to add it himself.
    • add: iso-8859-2 to atari charset conversion (many accents removed, sorry).
    • fix: « left arrow » button was enabled evenif message was not multipart.
    • fix: final dot at end of messages is no more displayed.
    • chg: servers and newsgroups icons.
    • chg: extended treeview in main window, moving up/down items more easily.
    • fix: some pop-ups has no more disabled items.
    • fix: 2 nullbytes instead of CRLF at end of exported/stored messages.
    • fix: column could be truncated if line selected (when a column was masked).
    • fix: additionnal bytes when extracting files from message, nullbytes when decoding strings (Base64 end detection error).
    • fix: formulars for new NNTP, POP3, SMTP or IMAP server weren’t prefilled.
    • fix: crash if message uses LF only as endline.
    • fix: urls containing underscores weren’t highlighted correctly sometimes.
    • fix: SMTP and attached files under monoTOS.

    Thanks to Lars SCHMIDBAUER, Mathias WITTAU and Jean-François LEMAIRE.

  14. News in the 1.5 version:

    • add: multiple recipients for emails to send.
      Extended form-dialog for several email addresses (To: Cc: Bcc:).
      Use the « + » button to add, « Return » key to add a blank line, « Backspace » key to remove a blank line.
    • add: « Reply to all » and « Reply to the (mailing-)list » in the functions available in the message window.
    • add: emails are sent with all previous Message-ID in the References field.
    • add: sort functions (none, recipient, subject, date, size) or treeview for local mail folders.
    • add: sort functions (none, subject, date, size) for sent mail folder.
    • add: German translation by Lars SCHMIDBAUER.
    • add: draft state in awaiting window appears in light gray color (if screenmode >= 16 colors).
    • add: new states for messages icons: mutilpart/mixed =attachments (yellow clip), and forwarded (blue arrow)
    • add: « @ » button in the message window, with better recipients display and enhanced addresses collect.
    • add: in the misc options, the Atari system Date and Time can be set using the timestamp given by the NNTP server (don’t forget the GMT shift in the display options).
    • FIX: changing the treeview<>sequence display was wronly deleting emails headers.
    • FIX: reload the databases if the WORK folder is changed.
    • fix: problem at authentification (SMTP after POP3).
    • fix: very small attached files were not analysed.
    • fix: if encoding conversion for Atari was disabled, the quoted-printable conversion wasn’t done.
    • fix: same post in the newsgroup wasn’t reloaded correctly (when cache is not used).
    • fix: text editor window topped with delay, after awaiting messages window.
    • fix: manipulating directly (top, ontop, close) awaiting and headers windows wasn’t echoed in the selection in the main window.
    • fix: headers in sent mailbox were not updated in a new mail was created from here.
    • fix: if not configuration file, the main window is opened automaticaly (first time, for beginners).
    • fix: removed unnecessary redraws when swapping between awaiting and headers windows.
    • fix: mouse cursor hide/show with AES GRAF_MOUSE function instead of VDI v_hide/show_c.

    Many thanks to Lars SCHMIDBAUER, for his German translation, his many tests and precise reports.

  15. News in the 1.4 version:

    • add: MIME support, for multiparts mails and attachments managment. in the message windows, new buttons:
      • for reading: the left arrow button shows email structure and the parts. some parts can be mouse simple/double-clicked to extract/show directly the file. An AV server is strongly advised.
      • for writing: the bottom arrow button opens a pop-up to add or remove attachments.
    • add: forwarding a message will make it as attachment (« message/rfc822 ») in the new awaiting mail.
    • add: *.eml (emails) and *.pst (posts) can be load from disk and displayed in solo mode, independently of a mailbox or newsgroup. Use the menu entry « Open a message » or Control+O or the files associations in your desk (link *.EML and *.PST to TROLL.PRG).
    • add: you can force the file saving of your edited awaiting message with the Control+S key.
    • del: external email client management is removed. Clicked email addresses are now managed internaly.
    • chg: in the awaiting messages list: size in KiloBytes is replaced by the number of attachments.
    • fix: titles in the fileselector.
    • fix: in the quoted-printable decoding.
    • fix: HTML links detection (for « text/html » part display).
    • add: some characters combinations for UTF-8 decoding.
    • fix: bad display in the iconified windows under MyAES (no title/move bar).
    • fix: in the Folders window, display of number of not read messages.
  16. News in the 1.3 version:

    • new: recompiled with Lonny Pursell’s GFA library with classic 68K and ColdFire targets.
    • add: MiNTnet direct calls (GlueSTiK still needed but only for resolver).
    • new: rewrite of preferences file load (all is now pure GEMDOS).
    • add: smart application name for taskbars.
    • fix: in the ressource file mostly for XaAES.
    • fix: values of trees indexes is no more limited at 10 for the BUB file.
    • fix: scrolling with window arrows under XaAES.
    • fix: F5 call the identities window.
    • fix: if new objet is to be added in the Folders window, the current item is deselected.
    • fix: redraw for highlighted lines (clipping issues, blank parts).
    • fix: ‘read all’ automatic action when leaving newsgroup applied wrongly on mailboxes.
    • add: number of unread messages in items in the Folders window.
    • add: can set delay between two automatic retreive of newsgroup headlines.
    • add: can set delay between two automatic list of distant mailbox.
    • add: local mailbox is automaticaly opened after retreiving mails from distant mailbox.
    • add: passwords are masked (kept clear and readable in the TDB files).
    • fix: POP3 server: extend login and password fields.
    • add: SMTP server: password (not yet used) and authentification: none or POP before SMTP (a POP3 server with same domain must be present).
    • new: replaced HELO by EHLO (enhancements not yet implemented).
    • add: filters can be applied to mails for automatic move to other local mailboxes.
    • add: dialog to choose fields for collecting email addresses.
    • fix: wrong strings collected for email addresses.

    Thanks to Lars SCHMIDBAUER.

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