Teenage Queen Reloaded

See snapshotTeenage Queen Reloaded is a GEM rewrite of a very old (but marvellous and brilliant) French strip poker game. The purpose is to play it again on the desk, on the latest Atari machines or the new emulators.
You must have the original disks to satisfy the copyright.

Coded and released for the GEMCandy.org 2003 compo.

Archive Size Version Date
English 68K CFv4e 463 KB 2.2D May 27th 2024
GFA Source 54 KB

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  1. Changes in the 2.2D version:

    • fix: alert for 640×400 screenmode minimum needed (then continue).
    • fix: add « u: » and convert slashes for $HOME value written in un*x format.
    • chg: use of clean revamped EXIST() instead of old Fopen() trick.
    • fix: wrong test of _SND (wrong bit 1, right bit 5) for XBIOS Falcon sound.
    • fix: code cleaning.
  2. Change in the 2.2C version:

    • fix: missing array index when allocating large block of memory.
  3. Change in the 2.2B version:

    • fix: wrong PCI detection, made FalconCT60 without PCI freeze at start in 060 mode.

    Thanks STrider.

  4. Changes in the 2.2 version:

    • add: display option, if « EdDI » cookie available, can use an offscreen VDI handle. In most cases, slows display, but may speed up display animations with some enhanced machines, such as Milan+NVDI.
    • add: display option, if available (Radeon on PCI or SuperVidel), uses ct60_malloc() to relocate graphics in Video RAM to speed up animations.

    Thanks calimero, shoggoth, lp, Daroou and Arachide.

  5. Changes in the 2.1D version:

    • fix: RAM allocations were done in ST-RAM instead in TT-RAM.
    • fix: test for correct CPU 68K or Coldfire.
  6. Changes in the 2.1C version:

    • fix: possible crash at start when reading the preferences file.
    • fix: cookie detection uses Ssystem() if available.
    • fix: mouse cursor is masked/displayed with AES instead of VDI.
  7. New in this 2.1B version:

    • fix: bad display in iconified window under MyAES.
    • fix: cosmetic changes in the ressource for XaAES.
  8. New in this 2.1 version:

    • Compiled with Lonny Pursell’s GFA Library, with Classic 68000 and ColdFire V4e targets.
    • Rewrite of load and save preferences file.
    • Long application name for taskbars.
    • Desk background is not proposed by default in TC16 and TC32 modes.

    Known problems:

    • Bad minor redraws on the FireBee (mask issues: update your FireTOS or deselect « use dma » in the firetos.cpx).

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