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KK Commander est un miniclone de Total Commander, pour manipuler les fichiers au clavier et les lancer. Il peut se substituer au bureau, depuis le TOS de base en 320*200 jusqu’à un environnement multitâche sur grand écran.
Comporte quelques outils intégrés :
– gestion des images disquettes MSA et ST,
– fractionement/recombinaison compatible TC,
– gestion des fichiers PKZIP (méthodes STORE et DEFLATE).

KK Commander is a miniclone of Total Commander. Meant to manipule easily with the keyboard files to copy, move and launch. Can serve as an alternative desktop, since 320*200 screen and 1 MB RAM. Additional features:
– handle MSA and ST floppy disk images,
– split/unsplit files (TC compatible),
– handle of ZIP archive files.

The program uses the Deflate.ldg library for PKZIP and Dosfs.ldg library for ST/MSA files.

Archives Size Version Date
Français 68K CFv4e 103 Ko 1.7 20/05/2024
English 68K CFv4e 102 KB 05-20-2024
Français GFA Source 116 Ko 05-20-2024

Older and lighter versions are kept in the repository.

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  1. Changes in 1.7 version:

    • fix: don’t open .ZIP if DEFLATE.LDG isn’t found.
    • fix: don’t open .MSA/.ST if DOSFS.LDG isn’t found.
    • add: create blank floppy disk image (geometry can be modified in the Options > Generalities > Disks panel).
    • rmv: builtin GFA functions to list and extract .MSA/.ST contents.
    • add: uses DOSFS.LDG library to handle .MSA/.ST files
      • extract, insert, delete .MSA/.ST contents
      • create empty folder and file
      • informations on file or folder, with counting and rename
      • informations on volume (Infos without selection) with counting, rename is possible if volume name entry exists in FAT
  2. Changes in 1.6G version:

    • fix: add « u: » for $HOME value written in un*x format.
    • fix: when window slider is gripped, only redraw if necessary.
    • fix: Drvmap() replaced by Dsetdrv(Dgetdrv())
    • fix: sort by date or type preferences weren’t loaded correctly from the cfgfile.
    • add: in display options, Drives panel: show A:, show B:, and use « u:\x\ » rather than « X:\ » (MiNT).
    • fix: dialog wasn’t redraw while copying/moving, under monoTOS.
    • fix: aborts if ZIP uncompression fails (Z_MEM_ERROR, Z_STREAM_ERROR).

    Thanks MiKRO, Kroll, marss, Lonny Pursell, OL

  3. Changes in 1.6F version:

    • add: restore windows internal positions if browsing reaches back (after going down the files tree).
  4. Changes in 1.6E version:

    • add: while copying or extracting, for names conflicts formular, can keep same choice for next name conflict.
  5. Changes in 1.6D version:

    • fix: RSC and interface for 320*200 lowres.
    • add: if several selected items, « add to archive » option in context menu.
    • add: can abort safely zipping process by clicking ‘Cancel’.
    • add: if selected zip file, « extract » (to folder) option in context menu.
    • fix: if conflict name, problem in getting other name if « . » was missing.
    • fix: informations dialog, renaming didn’t take care of encoding.
    • fix: redundant code, reducing program size.
  6. Changes in 1.6C version:

    • fix: crash (2 bombs) at start, under monoTOS environment.

    Thanks Jan KRUPKA

  7. Changes in the 1.6B version:

    • fix: crash on date and size display selector.
    • fix: problems in edit field for new empty file/folder/pkzip.
    • fix: case-sensitive in sort display was inverted.
    • add: pkzip option: always DEFLATE, never STORE.
    • fix: if enabled, verify free space disk before adding files in ZIP archive.

    Thanks Jean-Marc STOCKLAUSEN

  8. New in the 1.6 version:

    • add: window option to decode filenames (ATARI ST, ISO-8859-1, UTF-8), selected charsets are saved in preferences file. When copying, moving or extracting, names are transcoded if charsets are differents.
    • add: additionnal partitions (1:\ to 6:\).
    • add: scrollable input field in infos dialog, if long names are enabled.
    • add: display permissions column (MiNT only).
    • add: misc option to keep permissions for copy/move files (MiNT only).
    • add: UTF-8 conversion for PKZIP entries filenames (if bit 11 of general purpose bit flag is set).
    • fix: in PKZIP headers: correct values in made by, version needed.
    • fix: set default access permission when extracting (MSA and PKZIP).
    • fix: discard very big files (> 2GB) from directory, info, copy/move, unzip.
    • new: if saved paths are blank, starting on partitions list instead of KKcmd location.
    • fix: existing file choice was not remembered in the saved preferences file.
    • fix: « . » missing before *.APP files display.
    • fix: RSC optimizatios (some objects TEXT->STRING).
  9. Changes in 1.5H version:

    • fix: TC-like unsplit function failed when .CRC file was launched in the left window (with wrong message file size problem).
    • fix: crash when saving .CRC file in split function.
  10. Changes in the 1.5G version:

    • fix: rename, copy/move and disk format ended prematuraly the second time.
    • fix: force background redraw in multitask mode dialogs.
    • fix: still bad fields in create folder dialog, in French RSC.
    • fix: unnecessary $C+ and $C- removed.
  11. Changes in this 1.5F version:

    • fix: possible crash at start, when reading the preferences file.
    • fix: hide/show mouse cursor done with AES functions instead of VDI.
    • fix: slider wrong height in the fonts list.
  12. Change in the 1.5E version:

    • fix: uses preferentialy the Ssystem() function to look into the cookie jar.
    • chg: the deflate.ldg is moved out of the archive, please fetch this library from its own relase.
  13. New in the 1.5D version:

    • fix: display in some dialogs (strings « fffff… » or « aaaaa…. »). The RSC file must be saved with Interface and not ResourceMaster.
    • fix: display in iconified window under MyAES.
  14. New in the 1.5C version:

    • fix: seemed blocked or too long waiting if few files in big ZIP archive was to be extracted.
    • fix: modifications in the RSC for XaAES.
  15. New in the 1.5B version:

    • add: Ctrl+D: deselect all (Thanks Calimero).
    • add: Ctrl+P: export the current list to the clipboard (SCRAP.TXT).
    • add: [\] button to ascend quickly in the path tree (like in the MacOSX Finder).
    • add: dialog for (short) parameters before launch of TTP or GTP executables.
    • new: during work with a progress bar, display is not blocked (NO_BLOCK in window_update, Thanks Daroou).
    • new: during work with a progress bar, cancel is possible except when adding files to a ZIP archive.
    • fix: crash when opening directly a ZIP, MSA or ST file.
    • fix: under multitask environment: new folder or new empty file in zip archive had still a blocking dialog.
    • fix: path buffers increased to 512 chars under MagiC and MiNT (256 for MonoTOS).
  16. New in the 1.5 version:

    • new: recompilation with Lonny Pursell’s GFA library with 68000 and ColdFire targets.
    • new: rewrite of preferences load and save functions.
    • new: adaptations and provided with a new DEFLATE.LDG (from zlib 1.2.7). No more need of MEM.LDG
    • add: if multitask environment, can quit with the windows close buttons.
    • add: if multitask environment, dialogs are not blocking others applications.
    • add: smarter application name for taskbars.
    • add in display options: combined windows mode (like twins, convenient under multitask environment).
    • add in display options: font selector (if GDOS or compatible is installed).
    • add in misc options: can save options automaticaly when leaving (to keep current paths).
    • fix: conflict name dialog: filename wasn’t truncated and could overwrite on the next object.
    • fix: detection on current partition if long filenames can be used.

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