Library using the LDG system and the zlib functions (crc32, deflate and inflate algorithms, etc).
Used by:
KK Commander to handle PKZIP archives (zip, unzip).
Troll and Crésus to create backup archives (zip).
Other programs can use it, please read the how-to and functions calls in the st-guide documentation and exemple.

Here are listed versions for 68K, 68020-060 and ColdFire V4e using cross-compilation and the mintlib. Safe LDG.PRG is provided to install TSR ldg functions and the ‘LDGM’ cookie needed for my applications.

Archives Size Date Notes
English 68K 020-060 CFv4e 118 KB 10-05-2024 release 6
C Sources 478 KB from zlib 1.3.1
GFA Source 151 KB 05-10-2024 usage example,
originaly released for STimulus #10 webzine

Older and lighter versions are kept in the repository.

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  1. Changes in release 6:

    • fix: huge memory leak for uncompression (wrong call to inflateBackEnd(), now correct close with inflateEnd()), which caused Z_MEM_ERROR for mass files unzipping.
    • new: built on zlib 1.3.1, with recent cross-mint-gcc, final ldg is lighter (-50 KB).
  2. Changes in release 5:

    • Built on latest version of the library (1.2.8 -> 1.2.11), which fixes some deflate functions issues.
  3. The archives are updated with latest LDG.PRG (TSR for LDG) which contains a fix for MagiC 6 (crash at ldg_close()). Thanks Olivier LANDEMARRE.

  4. Changes in release 4:

    • 020-060 and ColdFire v4e versions were linked with wrong 68K libldg.a file.
    • provided with the lastest LDG.PRG, which is compatible with MiNT Memory Protection mode (there was a crash when the application used ldg_close()).

    I advise strongly that you update your setup with these files.

  5. Changes:

    • from zlib 1.2.8
    • uses ldg_malloc() functions to avoid C malloc() and possible odd pointer crash under MagiC.
    • multitasking environment is advised
  6. News:

    • Classic 020 and ColdFire V4e targets
    • from zlib 1.2.7
    • no more need of MEM.LDG

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