My Jester

See snapshotis a Shakespeare insult generator.
Sentences are displayed in a bubble, when the iconified window is clicked, while a naughty boy named Calvin is making faces at you.
The program runs on every Atari, but needs a modern OS such as MagiC or MiNT. Customization is possible via a RSC editor.

Archives Size Version Date Notes
English 68K CFv4e 29.3 KB 1.1C 02-14-2014
GFA Source 364.2 KB
Colored RSC 16.7 KB Made by Mathieu DEMANGE

2 réflexions sur « My Jester »

  1. Changes in the 1.1C version:

    • fix: removed unnecessary INF file, iconified position is now set only by the AES.
    • fix: search in cookie jar is more respectful to the system.
    • add: application cute name for taskbar.
  2. New in the 1.1B version:

    • fix: display in iconified window under MyAES.
    • fix: cosmetic change in ressource file for XaAES.

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