Means « Pixels to Sprites & Masks »: image tool dedicated for games development (2/16/256 colors sprites). Work is done on chunky two-dimensional byte-array, so that image modifications are made independently to current screenmode.
Planned to evolve to a plain drawing tool.

Needs EdDI cookie for offscreen VDI (NVDI), plenty of RAM and strong CPU.
Uses a customized PARX.SYS, provided in the archives.

Archives Size Version Date
English 68K CFv4e 172 KB 1.0 06-20-2024
GFA Sources 135 KB

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  1. Changes in 1.0 version:

    • add: Undo (^Z) and Redo (^Y), with raster changes history.
    • add: VDI basics: (filled|hollowed) rectangles and ellipses, polylines, text.
    • add: built-in drawing basic: flood filler.
    • add: BubbleGEM support, with P2SM.BUB file.
    • add: logfile (generaly to u:\ram\p2sm.log).
    • add: arrange/dispose windows (^J).
    • mod: the Fonts window is revamped for Text function (font, size, attributes and edit). The fonts for images list is relocated in the preferences.
    • add: preference for opening automaticaly or not the metadatas window for new images.
    • add: preference for lowercase filenames/extensions.
    • add: preference for default raster mode edition (load, new, paste as new).
    • fix: possible crash at rename filename function.
    • fix: corrupted saved files if length > 16000 KB (ex: large block copy).
    • fix: block copy added one more extra line at bottom with left pixel.
    • fix: extension was lost after renaming image.
    • fix: overwrite alert wrongly displayed for « Save » same name.
    • fix: set as modified the color-remaped loaded images.
    • fix: add « u: » and convert slashes for $HOME value written in un*x format.
    • add: arrows keys are effective on raster window for scrolling. (old behavior is kept for mirror and shift mode).
    • mod: ^Del instead of ^U for closing image, the previous image in the list become selected.
    • fix: removed Insert key, use only ^N.
    • fix: palette tools, modificator pane: conflit between C and ^C.
    • fix: ^M was not active in image metadatas window.
    • fix: Save as (^M) was possible only if modified.
    • fix: raster: block selection, display W and H values (-1 for both).
    • fix: raster: will redraw block only in block mode (F2).
    • fix: raster: pixel at 0,0 = block unselected block display.
    • fix: raster: void zone was not redrawn when unzoomed.
    • fix: raster: closing all, remained first raster.
    • fix: raster: was not all all redrawn after resize.
    • fix: images list: bad redraw when scrolling to bottom.
    • fix: images list: no redraw after renaming.
    • fix: if vertical/horizontal slided, only redraw if changed.
    • mod: use of clean revamped EXIST() instead of old Fopen() trick.
    • rmv: records slot 2 (MFDB) unused.
    • fix: iconified window title.

    Changes in 1.2 version for tools:

    • fix: parx.mem use is removed.
    • fix: parx.sys functions from P2SM code.
    • add: trace to u:\ram\make_dg?.log (MiNT only).
    • fix: MAKE_DGI: export in TC24 mode was missing.
    • fix: MAKE_DGX: remap with extended did not expand bitplane number to 8.
    • chg: menu removed, Quit = close main window.
    • chg: settings in $HOME and shared between the 2 MAKE_*.
    • add: settings: use or not lowercase for extensions (.vdi, .dgi, .dgx).
    • add: tools.hyp file guide, with fixes in the documentation.

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